Friday, October 24, 2008

None Dare Call It Socialism

You foolish Journalists, who has bewitched you? You are not even pretending to be objective anymore. You have blown your credibility by openly campaigning for Obama. And I have a news bulletin for you.

The American people are not nearly as dumb as you think. We will continue to hold on to our guns and our religion because they are important to us. We believe in capitalism and free enterprise. We hate socialism and communism almost as much as we hated Hitler and the Nazis. We don't want a government that confiscates the money we earn and gives it to somebody else.

Joe the Plumber is a much better journalist than Tom Brokaw. Joe asked an honest question and he got an honest answer. He got Obama to reveal the socialism that is in his heart and in his mind. The headlines should have been,"Obama Admits That He is a Socialist." What we got instead was "McCain Attacks Obama."

When the Democratic candidate for President reveals that he is a socialist, that's news. But you know that. It's the truth and the people have a right to know it. But you know that, too. You suppressed the real story because you want Obama in the White House, and everybody knows it.

We know what you are and we saw what you did. Your so-called news reporting is designed to protect Obama and smear McCain. Why else would you pretend that Obama did not say what he said. And why else would you insist that "spreading the wealth around" is not socialism?

Socialists in America learned one thing the hard way, "If we call ourselves socialitsts, nobody is going to vote for us." Now that they control the Democratic Party and most of the mainstream media, they are not going to let anyone call them what they are, Socialists. They prefer the term Liberals.

You should be looking for new careers after the election, now that you have destroyed your reputations by being whores for Obama. No thinking person is going to believe you anymore. There is an army of people like Joe the Plumber who can do your jobs. You have to admit that there is something seriously wrong when it takes a plumber to get the real news story.

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